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Custom Wiring and Hoist Hire’s main priority has remained steadfast: its customers. We strive to improve our service processes and ensure ongoing customer satisfaction. Our strengths are versatility and adaptability, working with a safety first initiative.

Custom Wiring was established in 2008 by Dean Bradbury who then opened Custom Hoist Hire in 2011. Our two companies initially worked under the same roof but have now been operating separately for the past two months. Although our companies are now separate, our values and impeccable work remains the same. Each guarantees to provide prompt and professional services upon every visit. And we always leave our clients and customers feeling satisfied that our work has met their high standard.

Our Custom Wiring Company specialises in commercial electrical installation as well as industrial electrical work such as motorway construction. We install, service and repair wiring, fixtures and other electrical systems. Custom Hoist Hire provides maintenance services such as Hitachi lifting equipment. This includes electronic hoist cranes for your factory or warehouse.

Our fully qualified team of professionals continually work hard to sustain the highest quality level of services for our clients. To ensure full customer satisfaction we provide free consultations. This allows us to discover exactly what our clients need and enables our team to produce the results you’re looking for. We are IQP registered with the Auckland City Council. Our focus is on maintaining this certification so our customers and clients can rest assured that our team will provide only the best services with a high safety standard. Visit our ‘Custom Wiring’ and ‘Custom Hoist Hire’ pages to read more about how our specialist services can be of benefit to you.


Featured Products


Electric Gates

Our company will service, install and repair a variety of gates including Centurion, which are known for their high speed as well as having battery backup and remote controls.

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Electrical Board

Custom Electrical Panels

Custom Wiring and Hoist Hire, specialise in the design and fabrication of custom electrical panels.

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Hoist Hire

Hoist Hire

We use industrial, heavy duty Hitachi and KITO ER equipment which can hoist anywhere from one to fifteen tonnes!

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