Hoist Hire

Custom Hoist Hire uses Hitachi hoist equipment which allows us to hoist up to 2 tonne. We use Hitachi because they have a fantastic reputation and the equipment has excellent reliability, quality and performance.

Custom Hoist Hire also uses the KITO ER series which can hoist anywhere from one to fifteen tonnes! This equipment is engineered for industrial, heavy duty applications. The Kito ER electric hoist has been manufactured for use in the toughest conditions on the toughest jobs. It operates very quietly with only marginal vibrations. This ensures minimal disruption to your work place.

Our team uses these electric hoist chains because they feature advanced technology and employ industry-leading quality. The use of this superior equipment ensures for immaculate and professional work that our clients can be happy about. Our biggest asset that Custom Hoist Hire offers is our HOL (height of lift). We offer:

  • 250kg to 500kg single phase 6 to 40 metre height of lift
  • 250kg to 10,000kg three phase 6 to 60 metre height of lift

Custom Hoist Hire offers daily rates, weekly rates and long term hire to suit all of our customer’s needs. If that’s what you’re looking for then we should be your first port of call!