Custom Wiring

Custom Wiring specialises in work that other electricians can’t, or won’t do. Our company employs master electricians who provide quality workmanship on every job.

We are a dedicated team of professionals with customer satisfaction as our goal. Custom Wirings’ fully licensed team guarantees to provide the highest level of service to our customers. This company always works in a safe, reliable and efficient manner. Custom Wiring aims to aid all of our clients in running successful, streamlined businesses and operations.

We can install, repair and service your wiring, conduits and fixtures. We also can also install a number of other electrical devices and systems in both commercial and industrial environments. Our knowledgeable, highly skilled and highly trained team will provide you with reliable custom wiring solutions for your specific problem. Custom Wiring can also install, service, and repair cranes as well as providing installation of remote controls for cranes. We specialise in working at great heights, for example our team has done extensive work on the sky tower.

As well as designing and building advanced electrical projects, Custom Hire builds maintenance units which are the hoists that get used by window cleaners on the outsides of tall buildings.

Previous Custom Wirings Projects

Heavy Equipment Assembly and Maintenance

This business has worked on many highly intricate projects. We worked on a New Market viaduct build which was a project that spanned across four years. Our team assembled the truss, maintained and modified that truss and then disassembled it once the project was completed.
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Rock Crusher

Rewiring to meet New Zealand Standards

A Rock Crushing Plant that was built by material management, and installed in the Cook Islands, had its electrics designed, built, and installed by our team at Custom Wiring.

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Circuit Board Fonterra

Custom Electrical Panels

Our team worked with Fonterra to create a custom electrical panel for a dairy packing machine. Custom Wiring provided for this project a circuit diagram and built the panel to these designs. We can also provide designs ourselves.

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LED Lights

Advanced Lighting

We have worked with LED lights for several projects with the New Zealand Transport Agency. This included overpasses, bridges, and most recently the Te Atatu Bridge. Our team drilled into the concrete and secured the lights. These specific LED lights can change colours for holidays and special occasions.

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Crane Assembly and Maintenance

Custom wiring often works with cranes. For one project we disassembled a crane to remove it from a roof, refurbished the crane at the Custom Wiring shop then reassembled the crane back on the roof.

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